Transportation Planning is an important function in evaluating, analyzing, and guiding transportation projects in our Region. Through the coordinated study of the numerous transportation modes such as, roadways, transit systems, and bicycle and pedestrian options, transportation planning supports efforts that ensure viable transportation options are considered and made available to our communities. 

Below is a list of transportation active and completed transportation studies from Region 2000.   If you need further information regarding any of these titles, please contact us.

Active Projects

Rt 811 Corridor Study
The Route 811 (Thomas Jefferson Road) corridor serves as an important commuter route connecting US 460 and Forest Road, a collector route for adjacent neighborhoods, and a local access road to homes, County recreation fields, and a school, among other uses.  Over the past years, traffic volumes have increased resulting in congestion in peak travel periods and concerns about safety and lack of multi-modal access.

A study is being conducted to examine travel conditions between Turkey Foot Road and Forest Road.  The study period is September 2015 through May 2016. Please visit the Route 811 Project Website for maps of the study area and other relevant information. 

Rt 29 Corridor PlanWorks Study

Completed Projects

Pedestrian Safety and Walkability Study - Downtown Amherst, Virginia  
Atlanta Avenue Corridor Study Atlanta Avenue Corridor Study Technical Appendix
Route 221 Corridor Plan
Simons Run Corridor Study Simons Run Corridor Technical Appendix 
Recommendation for Approval of Functional Classification Changes Proposed by the Virginia Department of Transportation
Wards Ferry Road Corridor Study: Figure 10 (page 29)
Figure 12 (page 31)
Figure 11 (page 30)
Figure 13 (page 32)
Greater Lynchburg Wayfinding Signage Study: Preface and Table of Contents
Chapters 1 - 4
Chapters 5 - 6
Chapters 7 - 8
Appendices I - IV
Appendices V - VIII
Appendix X (Part A)
Appendix X (Part B)
Appomattox Old Courthouse Road 
Corridor Study:   
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Existing Land Use 
Chapter 3 - Prioir Planning Initatives
Chapter 4 - Stakeholder Involvement 
Chapter 5 - Alternative Corridor Design 
Chapter 6 - Final Design Concept
Chapter 7 - Future Traffic Conditions  
Campbell Avenue Access Management Study
Region 2000 Congestion Survey Results Document
Report on the Region 2000 Rural Long Range Transportation Study
Route 460 West Corridor Study  
Route 460 East Corridor Study  
Route 122 Corridor Study  
Route 221 Corridor Management Study - (Bedford County)  
Commuter Services Report 
Independence Boulevard Corridor Study: Executive Summary
Technical Report
Route 24 Corridor Management Study - (Bedford County)  
Devlopment of a Regional Action Plan for Coordinated Land Use and Transportation Planning
CVMPO Traffic Analysis Zone Update Report (2018)
Lynchburg Area Greenway Alliance Strategic Plan   
Virginia's Region 2000 Park and Ride Lot Location Study  

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