The Lynchburg Area Greenway Alliance, is an advisory committee of Virginia’s Region 2000 Local Government Council (LGC) and the Central Virginia Metropolitan Planning Organization(CVMPO) has been formed to champion and promote the planning and implementation of off and on-road bicycle facilities, trails, greenways, and blueways in Region 2000.

The Lynchburg Area Greenway Alliance is comprised of appointed members from Amherst, Appomattox, Bedford, and Campbell Counties and Cities of Lynchburg and Bedford, the CVMPO, the Virginia’s Region 2000 Local Government Council, and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT).   Ex-officio staff members from the participating jurisdictions also sit on the Alliance to provide technical assistance and coordinate our activities.


The Alliance is dedicated to outreach, education, and promotional activities to facilitate the planning and development of  connected corridors - green spaces, trails, on-road bicycle facilities, and water access -throughout Region 2000 as articulated in the Region 2000 Greenways, Blueways, and Trails Plan – 2012 Connection Vision, and The Region 2000 Bicycle Plan, completed in 2010.  Collectively these interconnected corridors will:

-  Enhance protection of natural resources;
-  Provide for safe and efficient alternative transportation options;
-  Protect passive recreation land;
-  Promote tourism, cultural, and economic investment; and
-  Increase the quality of  life, health, and well-being of Region 2000 residents.


We have developed a Vision Statement and five (5) primary Goals to guide our activities.

Vision Statement: 

Region 2000 will have a network of greenways, trails, blueways, and on-road bicycle facilities that collectively will expand the ability of residents to enjoy the health and wellness benefits associated with passive recreation and active living associated with walking and biking to community destinations.


1.  Serve advisory role for greenway, trail,  bicycle facility, and blueway planning & 
     development opportunities;
2.  Educate local governments, organizations, and citizens on the benefits of greenways, trails,
     bicycle facilities and blueways;
3.  Facilitate and participate in activities that promote the use of greenways, trails, bike
     facilities, blueways;
4.  Pursue and promote partnerships for the education, outreach, promotion, and development
     resources in Region 2000; and
5.  Look for funding sources  and supporting programs that facilitate education, outreach and
     development of greenway, trail, bicycle facility, and blueway resources.  The Lynchburg
     Area Greenway Alliance is committed to expanding biking, walking, and trails within our
     area.  We encourage you to continue to visit our site as we expand and plan future events.

To learn more about the Lynchburg Area Greenway Alliance or to find out how you can learn more about bicycle, pedestrian, and alternative transportation initiatives, email Kelly Hitchcock or call her at 434-845-5678 ext. 218.

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