In compliance with the State Water Control Board’s regulation 9 VAC 25-780, Local and Regional Water Supply Planning, the Region 2000 Regional Water Supply Plan (Plan) is a functional plan supporting sustainable growth and economic development. The regulation establishes a comprehensive water supply planning process for the development of local, regional, and state water supply plans.

 This process is designed to: 

  • Ensure that adequate and safe drinking water is available to all citizens within the region;
  • Encourage, promote, and protect all other beneficial uses of the region’s water resources;
  • Encourage, promote, and develop incentives for alternative water sources; and
  • Promote conservation.

Region 2000 recognized the benefits of a regional plan and began developing their Plan in January 2006. The Region 2000 Local Government Council conducted a series of workshops with representatives from across the Region. Since many of the representatives in the region were already working together on water supply issues it made sense for the region to continue to work together and continue communication between the Regions water plant operators, county administrators, and city and town managers regarding these issues.   



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Appendix for Figures:

    Section 1: Introduction

     Section 3: Existing Water Use Information

     Section 5: Projected Water Demand Information     

     Section 8: Statement of Need





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