The Region 2000 Local Government Council consistently works to advance the responsible stewardship of our regional community’s water resources. Ensuring available, adequate, and clean regional water supply underpins a healthy, vibrant quality of life and economy. The Council supports region-wide water supply planning, stormwater management, and stream-based Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) planning and implementation.

The following links provide reports relating to Council activities. Additionally, the Region 2000 Local Government Council Regional Water Supply Plan is available in the Council’s offices. 

Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL)

The Local Government Council partners with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) in the development of a number of Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) projects for impaired or “dirty” stream segments located in the Region 2000 area. The affected streams were identified on Virginia’s 303(D) list of impaired waters as impaired due to violations of Virginia’s water quality standards. As such DEQ, through public input by area citizens and local and other state agencies, has lead the development of studies and plans to restore and maintain water quality in these identified steams. These plans are called Total Maximum Daily Loads or TMDLs. A TMDL is a numerical measure of a particular pollutant laod a water body can hold and still meet water quality standards. The first plan, or TMDL, establishes the pollutant load standard that must be meet for a water body. The second phase of the TMDL study is the development of a TMDL Implementation Plan, or management activities that can be undertaken by business, landowners, and local governments to eliminate the pollutant load to a water body.

To learn more about each of the local TMDL projects, how local citizens can provide input and comment on these important water protection initiatives, and to learn what is happening in Region 2000, please click HERE

Region 2000 Water & Sewer Initiatives

For a listing of projects, please click HERE

Region 2000 Water Supply Plan

To view, please click HERE


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