As part of Governor McAuliffe’s plan to ensure that agriculture and forestry are a major part of his administration’s efforts to grow and diversify Virginia’s economy, the Governor has set aside funding—in the form of planning grants from the Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund (AFID)—to encourage localities to think strategically about how they can better support and integrate agriculture and forestry-based industries into their community’s overall economic development efforts.

Region 2000 utilized an AFID Planning Grant to develop a strategic plan that will provide the planning area communities with a framework for action to promote regional growth in the agriculture and forestry industries.

The Strategic Plan Coordinating Team—formed as a collaborative entity linking economic development organizations, Virginia Cooperative Extension offices, and Region 2000 staff—is charged with driving immediate actions outlined in the plan, tracking metrics to monitor progress, and determining continued actions working with local and regional partners.

Region 2000 Food Hub Feasibility Study Documents

Food Hub Business Plan (Draft 2/29/2016)

Guiding Document

Strategic Plan for the Agriculture and Forestry Economy in Virginia's Region 2000

Related Documents & Resources

Asset Map for Producers and Consumers within Region 2000

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