Request for Proposals for Economic Analysis & Strategy Consulting for the County of Amherst

The following responses are based on questions received prior to 5:00 p.m. on Friday 30 October.

Proposals for this RFP must be received by 3:00 p.m. on Friday 6 November (proposals for the Region 2000 CEDS Update are due on 12 November).


Questions & Answers

1. Is there an example of the level of detail that is expected regarding “the cost benefit analysis of each of the top 4 initiatives/projects?” (page 3)

The project team has not developed a pre-set level of detail. It is anticipated that the consultant will recommend and develop cost/benefit analyses that follow industry-accepted best practices that are proportional to the study at hand.


2. Who is on the oversight committee that has been appointed to oversee the strategic plan process? (page 3)

The oversight committee is small, and consists of representatives (staff and appointed officials) from the Amherst County Economic Development Authority and staff from the Region 2000 Local Government Council.


3.  Is there any flexibility in the timeline for the deliverable – 90-120 days from contract signing? (page 4) a.  There appears to be a significant amount of stakeholder engagement needed and requested, which may require a lengthier overall project timeline.

The expectation is that the strategic plan will be completed in 90-120 days as Amherst County is a small rural county versus a major urban region. However, the RFP says "approximately;" if, during the process of completing the strategic plan, there is a clear and substantiated reason why additional time is needed, the oversight committee may consider a short (30 day) extension of time.


4. Will the oversight committee (page 3) also select the team from the proposals submitted, or are there others making that decision? (page 7)

The oversight committee will be evaluating proposals and selecting the successful proposer.


5. The reference to estimated construction costs vs. final construction costs is N/A, correct? (page 6)

Yes, please disregard.


6. For samples of past work, are links acceptable or are hard copies required? (page 6)

Links are quite acceptable.


7.  Are the evaluation criteria weighted or equal? (page 7)

A formal weighting system has not been developed and is not planned.


8. Has the Region 2000 Local Government Council internally conducted or contracted for comparable studies that would be informative, as a reference?

The Region 2000 Local Government Council has not recently contracted for a study of similar scope.

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