radio imageThe Central Virginia Radio Communications Board (Radio Board) was formed in May of 1996 by an agreement between Amherst County, Bedford County, the then named City of Bedford, now the Town of Bedford,  the City of Lynchburg, and the Virginia’s Region 2000 Local Government Council  to jointly operate a regional communications system.

Under the direction of the Radio Board, the regional communications system, which covers approximately 1200 square miles of the region with necessary and important emergency communications services, is closely monitored and serviced by the Board members to ensure continued emergency communication interoperability for police, sheriff, fire and rescue services as they travel throughout these jurisdictions.

Currently, the regional communications system is undergoing a substantial upgrade in computer switching equipment to continue to support and improve the level of emergency communication services provided to the regions citizens.   Five new radio communication towers will be added to the existing system with three in Bedford County and one each in Amherst County and the City of Lynchburg.  


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Region 2000 Emergency Communications Regional Cooperative Agreement

Agendas and Minutes available upon request

On occasion there will be opportunies to bid on work related to the regional communication system. Invitation to Bid / RFP's may be viewed under Public Notices.



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