hardhatpicThe Local Government Council provides a variety of community planning and development services to local governments within the region. Each town, city, and county in Region 2000 has a comprehensive plan which helps elected and appointed officials make policy decisions that support the community’s vision and goals. Other plans and studies focus on particular geographical areas such as, a downtown or commercial corridor, or on specific subject areas such as, pedestrian and bicycle access, agriculture, tourism, hazard mitigation, and historic preservation.

The Local Government Council assists localities with varied tasks to help achieve community goals, including research, public input meetings, surveys, and development of policy documents including plans, studies, guidelines, and ordinances.

Recent Projects

  • Agriculture Plan
  • Town of Appomattox Comprehensive Plan
  • Town of Amherst Comprehensive Plan
  • Campbell County Comprehensive Plan (Transportation Element)
  • Amherst County Comprehensive Plan (Transportation Element)
  • Town of Brookneal Comprehensive Plan
  • Town of Altavista Downtown Revitalization Overlay Ordinance
  • Region 2000 Hazard Mitigation Plan

Current Projects Details:

Appomattox Comp Plan Logo 
Prior to this document, the Town of Appomattox and Appomattox County maintained a joint Comprehensive Plan. This plan has received substantial citizen input in shaping the future of the Town. This plan represents a general planning document for the Town of Appomattox as required by the Code of Virginia.
Town of Appomattox Comprehensive Plan

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