September is Virginia Bicyclist & Pedestrian Awareness Month

Drive Smart Virginia and Richmond2015 have partnered to deliver an important message to all Virginian’s -

Be Aware. Be Safe. Share the Road.

The World is Coming to Richmond in September.

The UCI Road World Cycling Championships, featuring over 1,000 elite cyclists from more than 70 countries, will be held in Richmond, September 19th – 25th.   Learn more at

Let’s work together to show the world Virginia is a great place to ride, walk, and drive.  Share the Road and show respect for all road users!

Last year, 102 people died walking and riding their bicycles on Virginia roadways.  A single death or injury is one too many.  Increasing your knowledge of roadway regulations and safe behaviors can help reduce those numbers. 

Region 2000 and RIDE Solutions want to remind everyone of some basic tips to make the road safer for everyone.

  • Slow down, wait until the roadway is safe for passing walker and cyclists, and pass with at least 3 fee of clearance.
  • Yield right of way to pedestrians at marked and unmarked crosswalks.
  • Remember vehicle extensions – mirrors and tailors – add width to your vehicle.
  • Minimize your distractions as a driver – texting, talking on the phone, etc.
  • Do not assume ill intent and become frustrated at bicyclists or people walking and running.  Remember the few seconds that you allow for safe movement means everyone goes home safely.
  • Cyclists can best protect themselves by wearing a helmet, bright clothing, and using flashing lights during day and night (proper lighting required by law at night).
  • All road users should be aware of their surroundings.
  • A bicycle is considered a vehicle and has the same duties and rights as a car.  Therefore, a cyclists must obey all traffic sign, signals, lights and markings and must travel in the same direction as motor vehicles.

You can learn more about alternative transportation options at


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