The Commonwealth Transportation Board (CTB), at its June 17th meeting, approved allocations for the FY 2016 Transportation Alternatives Program (TAP).  Congratulations to Appomattox County and the Town of Altavista for their project inclusion as part of the $18,838,785 statewide program allocation representing 57 projects across the Commonwealth.

Appomattox was awarded $218,577 towards the design, engineering and construction towards Phase 2 of the successful 1.33 mile Appomattox Heritage Recreational Trail (AHRT) completed in October, 2014.   

The Town of Altavista will utilize their $260,322 FY16 award, which will be combined with the FY2015 $82,330 TAP award, to provide safe pedestrian access and a gateway entrance to the Town and its Central Business District.  Project improvement will include pedestrian signals, marked crosswalks, sidewalk improvements, and light and vegetation beautification. 

VDOT has available a full list of approved FY16 TAP Applications.

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